As a newborn photographer, I’m accustomed to capturing the serene, sleeping faces of just a few days old babies. These sessions are often filled with quiet moments, gentle poses, and the peaceful slumber of our tiniest subjects. However, every so often, a little one breaks the mold in the most delightful way. 

 I had the pleasure of photographing a 12-day-old baby boy, a bundle of joy who brought along not just his wonderful parents but also his doting grandparents for their first ever family portrait. The stage was set for a serene session, with soft blankets and a warm, cozy atmosphere. But as we positioned the baby for a family shot, something magical happened — he smiled. Not just any smile, but a series of bright, beaming smiles, as if he was as pleased as punch to be part of the family gathering. It was as if he knew this moment was special and wanted to show he was enjoying it as much as we were.

Usually, newborn shoots are all about capturing the sleepy, tranquil moments, but this little guy had other plans. It got me thinking — why do some newborns smile during their photoshoots, especially during family portraits? Is it a fleeting dream that brings them joy, or could it be the warmth and love they feel, snug in the arms of their loved ones? Perhaps, in their own way, they’re trying to be just like the grown-ups around them, participating in the joy of the moment. 

 This amusing and adorable incident has made me wonder about the inner lives of these tiny humans. Are they reacting to the soft whispers of love, the gentle touches, or simply enjoying being the center of attention? Whatever the reason, it’s moments like these that add an extra layer of joy to my work and create lasting memories for families. 

 The photoshoot with the smiling 12-day-old and his family was a beautiful reminder of the unexpected surprises that come with newborn photography. It’s not just about capturing the newness of life but also the early expressions of personality and joy. So, what do you think makes newborns smile during photoshoots? Is it a peek into their dreams, a physical reflex, or perhaps a response to feeling loved and secure? I’d love to hear your thoughts and interpretations. 

 As for me, I’m just grateful to witness and capture these fleeting moments of happiness. It’s a beautiful mystery that adds a touch of magic to the already wondrous early days of life. Here at Natasha Lesonie Photography, every smile, sleepy or wide awake, is a precious keepsake, a reminder of the beauty and wonder of new beginnings.

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