Hi Natasha, 
Thank you SO much. They are divine, I adore all of them. 
It was so wonderful working with you to capture these lovely family pics. 
Hope to do another shoot with you again one day. 
Thank you again, Briony


Hey there, families! 

 Just wrapped up a super fun photoshoot with a fantastic family of five — mom, dad, two energetic boys, and their little sister, who could easily win the title of 'Cutest Kid on the Block'. There’s something about those early years when the kids are little that’s just so special. Sure, it’s a whirlwind of activity, and parents often feel like they’re running a 24/7 diner-meets-laundry-meets-taxi service, but it’s also incredibly magical. 

Let’s be real: wrangling little ones for a photoshoot isn’t always a walk in the park. But here’s the thing — those years when your kids are small fly by so fast. Before you know it, you’re packing them off to college, and all you have are these memories of the tiny humans who once followed you everywhere. That’s why capturing these moments is so priceless. 

Now, for all you parents gearing up for a family shoot, here are some quick tips to keep it stress-free and fun! 

My TOP 7 tips for stress-free and fun family photoshoot: 

  • Feed Them First: A hungry kid is a grumpy kid. Make sure to feed the little ones before the shoot to avoid mid-session meltdowns.
  • Plan Around Their Schedule: If possible, schedule the shoot when your little ones are usually at their best — not during their regular nap times.
  • Bring Comfort Items: A cherished toy or blanket can be a great comfort, especially for the little ones. Plus, it adds a personal touch to the photos.
  • Keep It Fun — Let Them Play: Turn the shoot into a playful adventure. For example, have the kids push their little sister in her pram — it’s adorable and keeps everyone engaged. Plus, it captures some genuinely sweet interactions!
  • Snacks Are Your Best Friend: Keep some snacks on hand. They’re great for little ones who might need a quick energy boost or a little bribe to smile for the camera.
  • Embrace the Chaos: The most heartwarming shots come from those unplanned, real moments. Let the kids be their wonderful, wild selves. 
  • Stay Relaxed: Kids mirror your mood. If you’re at ease, they’re likely to follow suit. Take deep breaths and enjoy the experience. 

 This family’s session was a beautiful reminder of why I love photographing families. It’s all about preserving these incredibly fleeting days of young childhood. So, if you’re on the fence about a family photoshoot, I say go for it. These moments are here today and gone tomorrow. Let’s capture them together and create some lasting memories! --- Hope this helps you all in planning your next family photoshoot. Here’s to capturing life’s beautiful chaos! 📷💖

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