Hey there, lovely soul! Welcome to a world where moments turn into memories and laughter paints the canvas of life. I’m Natasha Lesonie, your storyteller through the lens, and this is more than just a photography website — it’s a haven for your family’s journey. From the glow of maternity to the delicate newborn days and every adventure after, I’m here to capture the poetry of your life. So, grab a cup of cozy, take a leisurely scroll, and let’s embark on a visual journey together, where your story shines in every frame. Can’t wait to meet you and create magic!

Family and Maternity Photography in Sydney, Hills District


Dive into my world of family photography, where we celebrate the whole beautiful mess of life — from adorable babies and energetic kids to those wise souls who’ve seen a century. I’m all about capturing the real you in the stunning spots around Sydney that make your heart skip a beat. Let’s freeze those belly laughs, sibling squabbles, and the warm embraces that make your family uniquely awesome. My mission? Turning your everyday into a treasure trove of memories, and hey, I’m here for the long haul — your go-to family photographer for years to come!

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Family and Maternity Photography in Sydney, Hills District


Here is all about capturing the enchanting journey of motherhood. Capturing the absolute magic of a woman during this totally one-of-a-kind phase, the maternity photography. Picture this: you, the breathtaking sights of Sydney, and that beautiful glow that comes with a new beginning. It’s not just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of your pregnancy, a celebration of you stepping into this beautiful chapter. Let’s create some stunning memories together that’ll make you smile every time you look at them.

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Family and Maternity Photography in Sydney, Hills District


Get ready to step into a beautiful newborn photo studio in the heart of Hills District, Sydney. It’s located in Kellyville and packed with all the good stuff to make your little one’s first photoshoot a total delight. All about capturing those precious moments, surrounded by love. Yep, I’m talking about babies, parents, siblings, and even the proud grandparents — everyone’s invited! With over 10 years of experience, you’re in safe hands. First babies photo session is the beginning of a lifetime of memories. So come on over, let’s capture that adorable squishiness, those tiny yawns, and all the love that fills the room. 

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Family and Maternity Photography in Sydney, Hills District


Get ready to capture the heart and soul of your Christening or Baptism day with Natasha Lesonie photography service in Sydney. I am all about giving you a treasure chest full of memories! From the intimate getting-ready moments at home to the sweetness of cake-cutting finale at the reception, capturing every candid laugh, heartfelt detail, blending those must-have formal shots with candid gems that showcase the real emotions and tiny details that make your day unique.Let’s make your special day a collection of unforgettable moments that you’ll revisit with a smile for years to come.

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my passion is to capture the intimate symphony of love and connections within families through the lens of my camera

Family and Maternity Photography in Sydney, Hills District


Choosing the Day:

Your photography journey with me begins by selecting that perfect day. I recognize the hustle and bustle of family life, and my calendar is designed to accommodate your needs. Whether you dream of a serene sunrise or the warmth of a golden hour, I’m here to make that day special and unforgettable.

Finding the Perfect Location:

Every family has its unique tale, and the backdrop should capture its essence. Do you imagine a sunlit beach, an enchanting forest, or the intimacy of your home? I have an array of breathtaking locations to suggest, and if you’re ever in doubt, trust me to guide you to places that echo your family’s spirit.

Styling Consultation:

The magic is in the details. With my complimentary styling consultation, I help ensure you and your loved ones are picture perfect. From guiding you on color themes that blend seamlessly with our chosen scenery, to suggesting outfits that pop, or discussing the dreamiest newborn props, I’m here to bring your vision to life.

The Photoshoot:

During our time together, my goal is to capture those raw, authentic moments. I blend both guided poses and natural interactions, ensuring I encapsulate the love, warmth, and bonds that define your family. For our soon-to-be moms, know that your comfort is my top priority, crafting moments that highlight the beauty of your journey.

The Viewing Session:

The magic continues when you join me for our viewing session. Witnessing your memories unfold on the big screen, set to soft melodies, is a moment many find touching and unforgettable.

Ordering & Beyond:

Post our viewing rendezvous, you’ll have the opportunity to pick your cherished moments and decide how you’d like to treasure them. From classic framed prints, elegant albums, to digital keepsakes, I offer an array of options. I’m here to guide you through the choices, ensuring your keepsakes truly stand the test of time.

From the moment we first connect, to the joyous day you hold your photographs, my mission is to offer a journey that’s as memorable as the images we’ll create. I’m not just here to click pictures; I’m here to weave narratives, honor your milestones, and capture the essence that makes your family incomparable. Let’s embark on this magical journey together.

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