Ah, love in its timeless splendor! Imagine a warm winter evening, the sun softly bowing out, and Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge setting the stage for Anna and Serge’s 10th wedding anniversary. But this was no ordinary setting nor an ordinary day.

Ah, love! Love that’s navigated the seasons for a decade and still shines as brightly as a winter sunset. That’s what I witnessed during Anna and Serge’s 10th-anniversary photo walk around Sydney’s iconic harbour on a warm winter evening. 

 They arrived in cozy, casual outfits in shades of beige, evoking an elegant harmony that effortlessly complemented the colors of the winter sky and sea. These outfits were a nod to the sense of comfort and unity that a decade of togetherness brings, and also the perfect canvas for our shoot, which was romantically inspired by old French movies—think soft lighting, deep emotion, and that undeniable touch of elegance. 

 As we meandered along the waterfront, the wind playfully swept through Anna’s hair, adding a spontaneous charm to the captured moments. The light touch of their hands spoke volumes, each delicate touch encapsulating years of shared love, understanding, and countless little joys and sorrows. They carried takeaway coffee cups from Luna Park, an extra touch that lent a casual, real-world grounding to the dreamy romance of the day. 

 Ah, but that winter sunset! Just as we reached the ideal vantage point, the sun began its descent, casting a golden glow that turned everything it touched into visual poetry. It was the kind of light that filmmakers and poets try to describe but can only truly be felt. The figures of Anna and Serge were softly illuminated by the setting sun, highlighting the contours of their faces and casting a golden outline around them, as if to say, “These are moments to remember.” 

 That’s exactly what the atmosphere felt like—every glance, every touch, every softly spoken word between them was charged with an electricity that you’d usually find on a first date. Except, this was better. This was a first date with a decade of shared history, a first date where each knew exactly how the other took their coffee, a first date celebrating a thousand days and nights together, and looking forward to thousands more.  

The magic of the evening seemed to bring them back to the essence of when they first fell in love, reminding them—and me—of the incredible journey they’ve been on. As we wrapped up the shoot, gazing over the harbor bathed in the soft, waning light of the winter sun, it felt as if we were closing a beautiful chapter in a love story that’s still being written. 

 Here’s to Anna and Serge, to warm winter sunsets, to old French movies, and to love that feels as fresh and exciting as the first date, a decade in.

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