Every now and then, as a maternity photographer, I have the unique pleasure of watching families grow right before my lens. Such is the case with this beautiful family, whom I had the privilege of photographing a few years ago, and once again now. The setting? None other than the breathtaking Long Reef beach in Sydney’s Northern beaches — a location I hold close to my heart as one of the best. 

Back then, the family was expecting their first child, and our session was filled with the anticipatory joy and wonder of impending parenthood. Fast forward to our recent shoot, and the once awaited baby is now a lively little boy, soon to take on the esteemed role of 'big brother'! 

Long Reef Beach, with its expansive coastline and ethereal sunsets, proved to be the perfect backdrop for this chapter of their story. We let the waves kiss our feet, the setting sun draped us in its golden embrace, and the laughter — oh, the heartwarming laughter of a family in the throes of joy — echoed with the rhythm of the waves. The beach, with its soft sands and gentle waves, played the role of both playground and studio. The little boy, soon-to-be big brother, frolicked in the waters, his infectious enthusiasm evident in every frame. 

 As the sun dipped lower, casting the world in hues of gold and amber, I was reminded of why I do what I do. These aren’t just photos; they’re moments, memories, a tangible testament to the beauty of family and the journey of life. To the amazing family that gave me the honor of capturing their journey not once, but twice, thank you. Here’s to many more moments, milestones, and memories on the sandy shores of Sydney. 

 --- I hope this captures the essence of your beautiful session!

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