This is my second photo shoot with yourself in 4 years. I have always enjoyed how you make me comfortable when I am not a natural in front of camera. You gave very good ideas for capturing different pictures for both the kids. You were very pleasant to work with, open to suggestions and requests and tried your best to make it happen. Loved how the pictures turned out, very natural and candid photos. I already had many of your pics on my wall, and can't wait to blow up this lot we just did to look at them every day. Thank you once again for making it an enjoyable session for my family and working with children is tough and you were patient and worked with them calmly. Even when the weather was not too good, you were great in trying to remain calm and making the best of it. Love the positivism and professionalism you maintained.


It was such a pleasure to meet up again with this beautiful family for another photo session. This time, we chose a scenic park near the iconic Harbour Bridge in Sydney as our backdrop, and it was just as picturesque as you can imagine.

The last time I had the pleasure of photographing this family, they were a trio. This time around, they have welcomed a new member, making them a delightful family of four. It’s heartwarming to see the children grow; their daughter is more vibrant than ever, and the son just celebrated his first birthday!

Our day was a wonderful mix of candid moments and formal portraits. We let the children roam freely at the start, capturing those unscripted moments that only kids can provide. We then gathered for some traditional family shots, framing the Harbour Bridge perfectly in the background for that quintessential Sydney touch.

It’s amazing to witness a family evolve and grow over time. We made sure to include classic family poses, shots with each parent, and of course, adorable photos of the siblings. The natural setting allowed for a relaxed, yet focused session that I believe truly captured the essence of this lovely family.

Quick Tip: When considering your own family photoshoot, selecting a location where everyone feels at ease makes a big difference. Parks offer a relaxed environment and ample space, making them an excellent choice.

Thank you for entrusting me once again to capture your family’s special moments. If you’re contemplating a family photoshoot and like what you see, please feel free to get in touch. Until next time!

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