A Magical First: Sarah’s High Tea and Butterflies 1st Birthday Celebration

Photography: Natasha Lesonie Photography

High Tea: High Tea by Hannah

Cake and Backdrop: Tresor Trove

As a family photographer in Sydney, I’ve been privileged to capture countless special moments, but some celebrations stand out with their unique charm and warmth. Sarah’s 1st birthday celebration was one such unforgettable occasion. Themed around “High Tea in Pink with Butterflies, ” it was a day filled with sweetness, laughter, and the magic of childhood.

The setting for Sarah’s birthday was nothing short of enchanting—a beautifully decorated table set on a veranda, overlooking a lush garden. The pink theme, complemented by delicate butterfly decorations, created a dreamy atmosphere that was both elegant and whimsical. Each detail, from the floral centerpieces to the butterfly-adorned tablecloth, added to the day’s fairytale quality.

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