Today’s post is a bit unusual for me. As a family photographer, I deeply value the importance of capturing family memories through photos. Over the years, I’ve photographed countless families, but today, I want to share a little about my own family’s recent photoshoot.

Like many of you, I’ve always cherished family photos, especially when my kids were younger. I would often be behind the camera, capturing their milestones and everyday moments. Even now, as they’ve grown, our tradition of having a family photo session around Mother’s Day continues, along with other photo traditions during Christmas and special occasions.

Sometimes, I collaborate with other talented photographers to capture our moments, but often, I’ll set up my tripod and use a remote controller for my camera to include myself in the shots.

This particular photoshoot was incredibly special for me. My dream came true when my Dad visited Sydney. It’s hard to put into words how much my kids and I missed him. In a heartwarming turn of events, my girls mentioned that the best Christmas gift would be if their grandad could come to visit. And so, he did, along with his wife, and they spent three magical months in Sydney, exploring places like the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast.

One of the last days of their visit, we went to the beach, and I couldn’t resist bringing my camera along. The photos I captured that day are incredibly dear to me. They brought me to happy tears. Time seems to fly by so quickly, and seeing my girls, now so grown, hugging their beloved 'dedushka' (grandad in Russian) is a sight I’ll treasure forever.

These portraits are reminder of love, of family, and of the fleeting nature of time. Looking at them, I realize how much older I’ve become, yet in my father’s eyes, I know I’ll always be his little girl.

As a photographer, I’ve always believed in the power of capturing happiness and love. This photoshoot with my own family is a testament to that belief. It’s a reminder to all of us to cherish our loved ones and to capture those precious moments whenever we can. Because, in the end, these photographs are the memories that we’ll hold onto forever.

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